40 Days

Your Revolution Begins (details coming soon October 2013!)

Dates: Begin 10/19/2013, 40th day is 11/27/2013, final practice 11/23/2012, wrapup and celebration 12/7/13  Click here to register.

Place: Move Your Hyde, Hyde Park

Time: 12:45 PM Saturdays (approximately 2 hours each meeting)

Cost: $99 includes 6 studio classes ($84 value), group meetings, home practice videos, email and text support as needed and the wrapup meeting.

Teacher: Cheryl Kemp, ERYT200/RYT 500 and Certified Baptiste Teacher


Move Your Hyde Power Yoga 40 Days to a Personal Revolution

Are you ready for a Personal Revolution? Are you ready to set goals that are meaningful and powerful? Are you ready to be healthier, stronger and more vibrant than ever before? This is a transformative process that can change your life, health and relationships. Open to possibility and change! Transform your body and mind with the powerful team of Baptiste trained teachers at Move Your Hyde. Using Baron Baptiste’s book “40 Days to a Personal Revolution” we will guide you through questions and practices that lead to goals that are right for you and the means to achieve them.

Join the Move Your Hyde Power Yoga team as you are guided and supported through your own personal revolution. The program includes weekly excavation questions, meditation, nutritional guidelines, group practices, discussion, support and plenty of yoga.

What to Expect

Daily Yoga

Begin where you are NOW. Previous yoga experience is not required. The program begins with a 20 minute yoga practice followed by a group discussion and orientation at the studio on October 19, 2013. The 40th day is November 27th, just in time for a Thanksgiving celebration in gratitude of your renewed vitality! You can choose to buy a package and attend classes at the Hyde Park or Downtown location and/or practice from home with our videos on days you can’t make it to the studio.

It doesn’t matter where you are with your yoga practice, just show up and be where you are now. The practice time starts with 20 minutes the first week then increases in time slowly so you continue to get stronger throughout the program. You’ll also have a day each week of active rest to rejuvenate without worrying about the program.

Cleansing Diet

There are no real restrictions in this “diet” just an in depth look into your eating habits and feelings about food. We use Baron’s book as a guide to making healthy choices around foods that are full of life and vitality.

Three Day Fruit Feast

It’s not as difficult as it sounds! Done in the fourth week the fruit feast fills your body with vitamins, nutrients and lightness to propel you to a new place in your practice. Exercising willpower and gaining insight into your relationship with food is a powerful practice.

Daily Meditation Practice

Each day there is a morning and evening meditation practice to complete, starting with a very manageable 5 minutes.  Meditation is a very important yet usually neglected part of a well rounded yoga practice.  This process helps you incorporate meditation in a very manageable and practical way.

Personal Exploration

Using excavation questions given in the book you’ll explore all areas of your life and experiences. These questions give you a platform from which you can develop goals and new directions in your life. We suggest you keep a journal to develop the answers to these questions throughout the process as well as keep track of feelings around motivation, your physical yoga practice, your meditations, etc.

Group Yoga Practice, Discussion and Meditation

Each Saturday afternoon we’ll meet to practice and discuss the previous week. Participants are encouraged to share only as much as they deem appropriate. For many of the people in our previous programs, the group was their favorite part. Often close bonds are formed and new friends are made.

This is an important part of the program and we encourage all participants to commit FULLY to this special meeting and group practice each week. Meeting dates are October 19, 26 and November 2, 9, 16, and 23

What former participants have to say about 40 days with Move Your Hyde Power Yoga:

I can genuinely say that 40 Days has now helped me twice through some of life’s challenges. First, was the suicide of my friend. Second, was my move to Cincinnati. At first, I was new here, in a negative job environment, and felt like I had little else. But yoga (and 40 Days) has helped me find the strength and support to endure this job. And I have met people I will never forget…people who have helped “rekindle the inner spirit”.

I will never forget the first time I did 40 Days in Charleston, we all went around and said why we had decided to do the program. My answer, “I’m trying to find some peace.” What I found though was something more than peace. My answer to that same initial question here in Cincinnati was a way to meet people, find friends and find community. Again, I got more than I could have ever asked for. Who knows what will be in store for me with the next 40 Days??!

~Jill Krisl

Forty days was a transformative experience for the total self–body, mind and soul. I literally felt different when it was finished. I feel stronger, more aware, more reflective. I’d do it again tomorrow.


No matter where you are in life or in your practice, no matter what reason you give for doing 40 days, you will get something tremendous out of this program. It will uncover your greatest weaknesses and reveal to you your most profound strengths, and you’ll find an amazing, supportive community at Move Your Hyde to encourage you and persevere right alongside you every step of the way. It’s challenging, frustrating, inspiring, enlightening, and so much fun–and I can’t wait to do it again.

~Ali Place

About Your Guide

Cheryl Kemp is a certified Baptiste instructor with a passion for teaching, gourmet cooking, travel, handstands, good friends and of course, yoga. She leads 40 days groups each year at Move Your Hyde where she has been a student and teacher since 2010. A love of the Baptiste method and a background in psychology help her facilitate groups that are caring, safe, transformative, supportive, educational and fun for all participants.


Questions? Contact cheryl@carefreeyoga.com

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