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Thanks to my online 40 Days to a Personal Revolution group, you can now practice with me at home!  If you visit this site because you see me for yoga therapy, this practice might not work for you exactly as written and practiced. However, as with all yoga each pose and sequence can be modified to fit your current condition! 40 Days to a Personal Revolution is a fabulous program that strengthens and lengthens your yoga and meditation practice. The videos aren’t the same as practicing with me in person but when you can’t get to the studio, you can choose from a 20, 30 or 40 minute practice. The final videos of the series will be made soon.

It has been a great experience reading and practicing with the 40 Days book again.  We are now on day 19 and firmly into the theme of equanimity.  So far the most common thing people have shared with the group is that they have trouble finding time to get on the mat. The busier I am the less likely I am to prioritize my asana practice but that is exactly when I need it most.  I’m finding that the commitment I’ve made to this group has landed me on the mat many times I would rather not and times I felt like I didn’t have the time.  I’ve discovered when I take the time to do it anyway, I become more productive in the time I have off the mat.  Things that don’t have true importance are left in the wake and that is exactly where they belong. Most of us intuitively know this is the case yet we find all kinds of excuses to skip prioritizing ourselves. Next time you want to skip yoga, exercise or any other commitment to your health just remember that the more you take care of yourself the more energy you have available to stand for others.

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