Tracking Wellness Goals: A Great Online Tool

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Two of the most common goals for my yoga therapy clients are weight loss and increased activity. One of the best tools I have found for this purpose is I’ve been using it myself for a few years. It has a wide variety of tools, articles and support you can use in your quest for ultimate wellness. They have a great food tracker where you can enter your daily intake and see calories, nutrients, protein and other useful measurements for the day. You can also track fitness, workouts and miles covered using the fitness page.  It even allows you to measure the distance of a given route by mapping points on a google map. They also have support groups based on almost any common interest; whether you love to read, knit, do triathlons, watch desperate housewives, practice yoga or weave baskets there is a group for you!  Their sister site has a great variety of all kinds of recipes and you can add them to your meal plan at Spark People.  You can also put in ingredients to find out nutritional information on any recipe and then save it to your profile.  These kinds of tools are wonderful to help keep you on track and motivated in your personal wellness goals.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

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