Kicking it up a notch

There are so many benefits to drinking water! Since the cells that make up our body are mostly water it’s important to keep hydrated. Water is involved in many functions such as temperature regulation, digestion, elimination and lubrication of the joints. Dehydration symptoms include tiredness, headache and constipation. Water helps us feel full which can aid in weight loss and maintenance.  With all these great reasons to drink water why is it so difficult? Well, it can be boring! Many people don’t enjoy the taste of plain water which has led to a proliferation of flavored water on the market. While the convenience factor is high, flavored water often contains other ingredients that might not be as good for us as plain water. An old standby is adding fresh lemon but sometimes it’s fun to get even more creative.

I recently saw a bottle of cucumber, lemon, rosemary flavored water. The unusual combination piqued my interest. I’ve been a fan of cucumber lemon water ever since having it at a spa years ago. Of course I had to try this version, but like most commercial products of this type it was too sweet.  Having dinner guests this past weekend offered the perfect excuse make my own! I usually just add cucumber and lemon to my pitcher and squeeze them a bit by hand (if you don’t have a juicer this works perfectly well).  This time I juiced one cucumber, one lemon and muddled the rosemary to release the flavor. Then I filled the pitcher the rest of the way with water. Voila! My own refreshing water without any sweeteners or chemicals. Get creative with your water and let me know if you discover any must try combinations.

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